• Well said Vladimir !

    So, what should Putin do ? And how else can he meet his responsibilities to the Russian people without taking defensive “retaliatory” action to Bush's act of war. By expanding its nuclear capability to Europe, all of Russia is in imminent danger, and so, Putin must decide “precisely which means will be used to destroy the installations that our experts believe represent a potential threat for the Russian Federation”. (Note that Putin NEVER THREATENS TO AIM HIS MISSILES AT EUROPEAN CITIES AS WAS REPORTED IN THE WESTERN MEDIA)

    Putin has made great strides in improving life for the Russian people. That is why his public approval rating is soaring at 75%. The Russian economy has been growing by 7% a year. He's lowered the number of people living beneath the poverty-line by more than half and will bring it down to European levels by 2010. Real incomes are growing by an astonishing 12% per year. As Putin says, “Combating poverty is one of our top priorities and we still have to do a lot to improve our pension system too because the correlation between pensions and the average wage is still lower here than in Europe.”

    If only that was true in America !

    Russia now has the ninth largest economy in the world and has amassed enormous gold and currency reserves—the third largest in the world. It is also one of the leading players in international energy policy with a daily-oil output which now exceeds Saudi Arabia. It is also the largest producer of natural gas in the world. Russia will only get stronger as we get deeper into the century and energy resources become scarcer.

    Putin strongly objects to the idea that he is not committed to human rights or is “rolling back democracy”. He points out how truncheon-wielding police in Europe routinely use tear gas, electric-shock devices and water cannons to disperse demonstrators. Is that how the West honors human rights and civil liberties ?

    As for the Bush administration---Putin produced a copy of Amnesty International's yearly report condemning the United States conduct in the war on terror. “I have a copy of Amnesty International's report here, which includes a section on the United States,” he said. “The organization has concluded that the United States IS NOW THE PRINCIPLE VIOLATOR OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS WORLDWIDE.”

    He added, “We have a proverb in Russian, ‘Don't blame the mirror if your face is crooked.'”

    Putin is fiercely nationalistic. He has helped to restore Russia's self-confidence and rebuild the economy. He's demonstrated a willingness to compromise with the Bush administration on every substantive issue, but he has been repeatedly rebuffed. The last thing he wants is a nuclear standoff with the United States. But he will do what he must to defend his people from the threat of foreign attack. The deployment of the missile defense system will require that Russia develop its own new weapons systems and change its thinking about trusting the United States. Friendship is not possible in the present climate.

    As for “democracy” ; Putin said it best himself :

    “Am I a ‘pure democrat' ? (laughs) Of course I am, absolutely. The problem is that I'm all alone---the only one of my kind in the whole wide world. Just look at what's happening in North America, it's simply awful---torture, homeless people, Guantanamo, people detained without trial and investigation. Just look at what's happening in Europe---harsh treatment of demonstrators, rubber bullets and tear gas used first in one capital then in another, demonstrators killed on the streets..... I have no one to talk to since Mahatma Gandhi died.”

    Well said, Vladimir.


    ou: comme on est désinformé quand on gobe sans réfléchir les "images" qu'on veut nous donner des gens.

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