• le B.A. ba de la moralité

    Il faut toujours revenir aux fondements de la morale:

    “I have a
    suggestion of my own for a reality show. Take 15 Bush supporters and throw them
    in a house in the suburbs of, say, Fallujah for at least 14 days. We could
    watch them cope with the water problems, the lack of electricity, the check
    points, the raids, the Iraqi National Guard, the bombings, and- oh yeah- the "insurgents". We could watch their house bombed to the ground and their few
    belongings crushed under the weight of cement and brick or simply burned or
    riddled with bullets.
    We could see them try to rebuild their life with their bare hands (and
    the equivalent of
    $150)...” (http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/)

    et ensuite si on se met à sonder  on découvre bien des choses plus laides les unes que les autres...

    sent me this link
    to footage of a building (which I believe is in falluja) being blown up by a
    U.S. missile. Turn up your volumes and listen to the shrieks of unrestrained
    joy as the building goes up in smoke, taking god knows how many innocent
    civilians with it. Notice also the use of the term "bitches" used in
    feminizing, and therefore by implication degrading,their perceived enemies.
    There you have it, militarized masculinity: it hides behinds big guns, never
    looks its victims in the eyes
    (typique ça! et pas seulement de la violence guerrière: la violence administrative et la violence d'Entreprise en font un usage extensif! avez-vous vu le film de Ken Loach "Ladybird"?) and constucts its manhood at the expense of the
    "womanized" other.”
    “Monday, April 25, 2005)

     <o:p />

    Et ce sont les gens et les même pays qui reprochent aux
    musulmans de ne pas respecter les femmes !....

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